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Jaguar Skills is a very mysterious man. Always dressed as a ninja, he keeps his true identity hidden. His ninja persona is famous worldwide, and for good reason. His live shows are injected with so much energy, technical skill and fun, the crowd always responds with equal enthusiasm. The mystery behind the man is one he chooses to protect with great care, and as a result doesn’t like doing face to face interviews, but he was kind enough to answer my questions via email. So here is my attempt to find out a bit more about the world’s most famous ninja DJ:

So you’ve been around since 2002, how did you break into the music industry?

As a Dj – it’s a real long story – but the short version goes….
DJ’d in Old Street, London, at a club called DREAM BAGS JAGUAR SHOES. Then went to Ibiza, met up with Jade Jagger, started doing parties with her company, Jezebel, came back to the UK after a few years, met Zane Lowe, he gave a mix of mine to the BBC, and pow, a ninja is born!

The mystery surrounding your identity is such a key part of your character, rumours are that only a small handful of people know the real Mr Skills, does it get difficult having to be so secretive and hidden all the time or do you like having the opportunity to live two lives?

Not hard at all. It’s great. I have two very different lives and I like that. I designed it that way.

What about being approached in the street, autographs etc, do you like avoiding all that or do you ever wish you could get mobbed by a group of 100 screaming, love struck girls just for showing your face outdoors..?

Jaguar Skills get’s mobbed in the clubs all the time. The other dude, the guy without the mask, couldn’t think of anything worse than that. I sound like a real head-case, don’t I? Ha!

Talking of girls, would your ideal woman also be shrouded in mystery, or would you somewhat ironically go for a limelight lover?

Jaguar Skills hasn’t time for anything apart from DJing and rocking a crowd.

Do you know any actual ninja style martial arts?

I can choke the shit outta you right now, if you want?

Tell us what the daily routine of a ninja is like?

Wake, a 15 mile sprint, 30 mins Yoga, then Yogurt, then to the studio, in the Jag-Mobile, to make a mix. I usually make 3 mixes a day. Then back to the hideout – eat sushi, beat someone on Xbox, then into the car again to rock the club. Repeat till fade….

The Revenge of The Ninja tour that you are doing in 2011, tell us about that, what dates and venues you’ve got scheduled?

Well, it’s almost done now. But been all around the UK to sell out crowds. It’s been amazing. A real dream and I couldn’t have wished for more.
The peeps who come to a show, really know how to get down! It’s been mosh-pit madness!

What else can we expect from you in 2011, any exciting new projects or artists you’re hoping to work with?

Working on a compliation for Toolroom records at the moment – very exciting.

What festivals have you got planned for 2011 and will you be making an Ibiza appearance?

Hopefully doing a load of festivials over the summer. I just LOVE festivals. I’m a festival dj at heart.

You and your mixes have become a key part of the Radio 1 team, what’s that like and who are the best people to work with down at Radio 1 headquarters?

Radio One have been amazing to me. I love working for Radio One and it’s still a real buzz when I hear something of mine on the radio. There’s nothing really like it. I work so hard to try and make sure each and everyone one of my mixes is up to a level, and the BBC really give me some great things to work on and make.

What tune can you see always being in your selection for live gigs, everyone seems to have 1 or 2 that they will probably still be playing in 10 years?

One Step Beyond by Madness. I think I played that at almost every gig I’ve ever done. A weird record I know, but it seems to work….at the end….

Who do you think gets hotter under their masks, you or Deadmau5?

Me. Deadmau5 takes his off. Plus it’s got million dollar golden fans, cooling his handsome face. My mask is like wearing a wet pair of kickers around your face. Which, I guess could be fun, if you’re into that….

Best gig you’ve ever played

Humm? Bestival last year was pretty bonkers…

Anywhere you haven’t played yet that you’d like to?


Favourite festival?


Finally, which other DJ is the most fun/crazy to party with after a show?

I hear Pat Sharp is a nutter when the camera’s off him…..

Many thanks to Jaguar Skills for taking the time to answer my questions, I look forward to catching you at several of your festival stops this summer!

See you on the dancefloor.

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