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As far as I’m concerned, DJ Arthur Barr will always be the first name I associate with my passion for electronic music. I met this man completely by chance when he was just starting out his career, working in one of the strip clubs in San Antonio, Ibiza. I can assure you I only stumbled in there completely by accident…obviously…but this led to an introduction I won’t ever forget. Much as Arthur was starting out his career as a DJ, we were starting our adventure into the world of house music. The music he was playing in that (strip)club was so good, a group of us spent almost the entire night raving by the decks, with no interest at all in the half naked girls walking around the club. What higher sign of respect could there possibly be?

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who had noticed the talent and enthusiasm that he injects into every set he plays, as he came runner up in an Ibiza workers DJ award that summer. This was really only just the beginning for Arthur, as upon returning to the UK, things only started to get bigger and better.

As his name started to circulate, the recognition continued to roll in, with DJ Mag describing his sets as “mouth watering toe tapping techno”, and his Electrothearpy Mix won IDJ’s prodigious Raw Talent competition in 2007, and secured a runners up spot in 2009. 2007 was also the year in which Arthur Barr secured his spot as a resident in the hugely popular ASIF parties, hosted at Public Life in London. In 2008, Arthur produced a guest mix for New York Record Label ‘NoLoveLostRecords’, which clocked up a huge number of downloads and a plethora of positive feedback.

Arthur Barr’s tempting and enjoyable style is varied but centres around a relaxed techno soul, surround by a funky, groovy and always adventurous tech-house body. His mixing is unquestionably flawless and his technical skill behind the decks is a rare and exciting thing to witness.

More recently, Arthur has started a label entitled Fulbarr Digital. There is no doubt that the near future holds many big things for the label, and after a couple of free parties that they hosted in Leeds which I was fortunate enough to attend, I can say with confidence that they definitely know how host a messy night with some excellent music.

On a personal note, Arthur’s modesty is humbling. His passion for music, and diligence in creating a brand for himself and his work, far outweighs any longing for celebrity-style recognition. I have no doubt that Arthur Barr will work his way right up to the top.

As always, I got in contact to ask him a few questions:

1) Traktor or Serato?

“None -”

2) Favourite set of 2010?

“Art Department @ Get Lost Party Miami”

3) Most promising new artist?

“Ohh well there is so many great young artist’s bubbling under check out Russo, Henry Gilles, Youandewan, Archie Hamilton, The Louche Boys, Jan Tenner to name but a few..”

4) Favourite festival?

“Glastonbury – its insane”

5) Dream gig to play?

“Anywhere with people and a nice sound system:)”

6) Most recent purchase (record/equipment)?

“Some tracks via Beatport”

7) 1 item you couldn’t live without?

“At the moment a computer…”

8 ) What would you be doing if you weren’t a DJ?

“Wedding Singer”

To hear more from the man himself, check out his mix, blog, or upcoming events using the links below:

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